Focus on the development of in vitro diagnostic reagents

TranMsed Innovation Ltd  Company

TranMsed Innovation Ltd is Beijing Sanopo's strategic development and operation partner in the UK. As Sanopo's business department in the UK, TranMsed Innovation is headquartered in London, and maintains close working relationship with the Sanopo team in Beijing. It is committed to discovering high-tech content in biotechnology and medical health. Products to serve the domestic market.

TranMsed Innovation Ltd has established partnerships with a large number of manufacturers and distributors in the field of medical science and technology in Europe and the United States, and is still actively looking for partners that can create higher value for the Chinese medical industry.

TranMsed's team members have abundant practical experience in related fields and the ability to work in multi-language, which gives the European and American cooperation companies enough confidence to cooperate with Beijing Sanopo in the development of product market.