Sainuopu Biological wholly-owned acquisition of Shanghai Lehe



With the continuous reform of the medical industry and the great support of relevant policies, the in vitro diagnosis industry has ushered in a period of rapid development. At the same time, people's increasing attention to their own health in modern life has also promoted the continuous development and expansion of the in vitro diagnostic reagent market.


In May 2020, Beijing Sainuopu  Biological co., ltd. acquired Shanghai Lehe biotechnology co. ltd. and successfully completed the post-acquisition integration stage. Through the acquisition, integration and reorganization of the establishment of a standard quality management system, so that the enterprise in the scale, strength, technology, innovation capabilities have been greatly improved. On the one hand, with the expansion of enterprise scale, the industrial chain in the production field has been expanded and extended to maximize the synergy effect and scale effect. Scientific and technological research and development is the 'engine' of the company's development, and technological innovation is the 'foundation of life' of the enterprise. The company has always maintained sufficient r&d investment and personnel allocation to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. On the other hand, through this acquisition, the company can enter a new business field -- product line can be diversified; In the market flow, constantly optimize the allocation of resources, reduce costs, have good market development ability and professional service ability; The product line diversification strategy combined with the extensive regional marketing network will further increase the market share of the product.


At present, about 80% of clinical diagnostic information comes from in vitro diagnosis, which is called 'doctor's eye' and is the largest medical device segmentation field. Therefore, increasing investment in in vitro diagnosis is an important means for hospitals to continuously improve the level of medical treatment and diagnosis and treatment, and the demand for medical in vitro diagnosis will keep growing rapidly. In the future, Sainuopu  Biological  will focus on creating new special products of biochemistry, luminescent POCT and immunofluorescence platform, aiming to become a leading enterprise in the field of in vitro diagnosis in China and play a leading role in improving medical quality. Do the test people like the project, practical business needs!

Sanopur wholly acquired Shanghai lehe